Nomad Roof

The landscape project in Nomad was inspired by the clients’ goal to make their roof a place to live in different ways. And to design an outdoor place in manhattan that felt like it could be anywhere. 

In turn, the large contiguous space was divided into two smaller outdoor rooms, separate by a grove of trees and a teal path between them. The perimeter was defined by a green screen that hid the existing architecture and provided a soft natural backdrop to the spaces along with a back lit system of white metal light filtering louvers. 

Architectural objects were then placed throughout the two spaces to satisfy the program of wanting a spa, fireplace, kitchen and covered living and dining areas. 

Upper Westside Townhouse

For this project, located steps from Central Park, the intention was to bring the outside to the townhouse at every level from the first floor to the roof space. The interiors were made to be very light and airy defined by floor to ceiling glass at the rear elevations to consistently provide views of the backyard and front terrace plantings and greenery so the home felt as part of the outdoors. This constant connection was particularly defined by the backyard roof garden and the top floor roof space that looked over Central Park. In this design, the plantings such as bamboo, herbs and wildflowers became the architectural backdrop to the interiors and defined the townhouse with a sense of airiness, and natural surroundings. 

Bridgehampton House

Designing both the house and landscape for this oceanfront residence, the focus was to create an architectural language of light, repetition and water that connected the residence and gardens to each other and the natural surrounding landscape. The use of screens on both the facades and terraces filtered light and nature to the house while also defining a more intimately scaled space to rest and reflect. The geometry and position of the infinity pool created a monolith of water rising above the grass and ending in the sounds of water falling to ground at the end of the elongated pool. Elements of stone, teak and crushed pebbles provided a series of routes and paths around the landscapes and out to the oceanfront, a middle point between an orchestrated nature and a wildness of the nature dunes and grasses abutting the ocean.